Success Track Record

We are proud to be a reliable software development company that meets client’s requirements delivering digital products that drive the results and help to succeed. Take a look at the latest development cases.


Our client was looking for an efficient way to improve operational efficiency and labor productivity. Being a vendor of in-store equipment, he needs to run regular inspection visits. Our team was asked to provide him with a utility tool for inventorying and record keeping. We were asked to implement barcode scanning functionality that streamlines data entering and GPS feature to make routes for the on-the-go employees. One more requirement was to integrate their third-party ERP System so that program could automatically form reports and provide clear results of every inspection.



Working with an organization that frequently holds international conferences, we were asked to create a cloud-based solution for making interpreters’ services more accessible and less expensive. The necessity was caused by a regular need to cover interpreter’s traveling and accommodation costs. Utilizing cloud technologies we built a platform that supports remote interpreting minimizing the costs of the service. Conference participants, speakers, translators, and listeners can connect their devices via the platform whether they use smartphones, tablets, or laptops.



In collaboration with entertainment industry representatives, we have developed a mobile app and web portal with a fan-funding concept. The program presents an audio-streaming application with an opportunity to support artists. It lets users to be engaged with their favorite musicians, promote their new singles, and donate for their upcoming projects. In return, it provides rewarding points which work like a discount for concert ticket purchasing. It is the first fan-sourced funding platform for the music industry with a powerful social media marketing mechanism.


Play Ticket

In collaboration with a representative of art, we have helped a local theater to attract more visitors and establish a measurable web presence with a new website. Being redesigned to become mobile-friendly with a responsive layout to make it more accessible for the users on the go. One more task was to integrate ticket booking and purchasing system to increase the usability of the site and enhance customer relationship by providing a helpful tool within site. Our actions increased the conversion rate driving more traffic. We were happy to make art more accessible.



Being a trusted development company in Phoenix, we were engaged in the development of a responsive website for a local gym network. A modern website offers a large volume of information is a pretty organized manner. It has several categories which include training programs, personal trainers section, schedules, promotions, etc. Web designers ensured that information is easy to access and read and helps visitors to navigate within site. Besides, implemented Live Chat enable visitors to contact gym workers and to find out the required information immediately.



Working on a mobile application for our customer, provider of commercial and residential electric services, our goal was to help our client to establish professional relationships with those who needs the first-class electric services. We designed and developed an intuitive mobile application that enables users to place their orders for electric professional’s services. Users can entry the description of their problem, their address, the time when they are at home and place their order immediately. The app will notify when the specialist is allocated, and send the approximate time of his or her arrival and the cost of the service.