Google JavaScript Framework: Professional Web Development

AngularJS is an open source Google JavaScript framework designed for the development of one-page apps. Its goal is to expand browser-based applications based on the MVC template, as well as to simplify testing and development.

Our company is a professional full stack JavaScript developer and we are ready to help you bring your project to life with this handy Google framework. It works with HTML, containing additional user attributes that are described by directives, and associates the input or output of a page area with a model that represents regular JavaScript variables.

The values of these variables are set manually or retrieved from static or dynamic JSON data.

True Professionals in AngularJS

Our AngularJS developers are skilled Google JavaScript framework specialists who are familiar with many concepts of software engineering. Unlike some other frameworks, Google’s AngularJS requires developers to run "Angular" operations, a set of rules and practices that allow programmers taking advantage of the framework and create efficient web apps. This makes it necessary for developers to understand Google framework from the inside out, not just being a good JavaScript programmer.


Our Services

Our full-scale Javascript programmers can rapidly deploy Angular JS development projects and provide reliable support for ongoing projects.

  • Learning platforms. With Google framework we create apps for companies that are large, scalable, reliable and secure.
  • Social and Interactive apps. Engage Javascript programmers with extensive experience in building highly secure, high-performance social and interactive applications.
  • Custom development. Our team is has extensive experience in developing highly secure, powerful, high-value, and high-performance web apps using Google framework.
  • Creation of web portals. Hire our developers who can build any online portals and specialise in developing custom products for small and large companies.
  • E-Stores and Trading Market. Our company creates top quality e-commerce solutions and provide services to customers around the world.
  • Interaction dashboards. By using this framework, our developers can create interactive dashboards and applications for a real-time user experience.
  • Data analysis tools. When it comes to data analysis solutions, our full-stack team have met the needs of clients worldwide for many years.
  • Search engine and custom widgets. We are always on hand to satisfy your business need and create of custom widgets for search engines.
  • Music and video streaming apps. Our specialists are well versed in the Google technology for creating music and video streaming applications and have already delivered them to many customers.

Full Stack Development

AngularJS is just one component of the overall web development. To prepare the entire dish, you need a complete set of ingredients and we have everything you need to achieve success.

Our developers have the front-end and back-end expertise, making it a complete software package for web development. Here is our core skill set for frontend and backend development:

  • For coding purposes, Jquery and AngularJS are one of the top choices for the industry.
  • For design purposes, we use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), JavaScripts, and bootstraps.
  • We are flexible enough to code in programming languages, such as .Net and PHP.
  • NodeJS and ExpressJS are also the industry's most recent requirements.
  • MongoDB and other document-oriented database programs.

Contact us to discuss your project and we will find the best technologies and approaches to meet your business goals.