Custom App Development: Improve Your Productivity

Our company offers high quality custom app development for businesses large and small worldwide. Let us introduce our programming services and describe what benefits you can get.

What is custom software?

Custom, also known as tailor-made or bespoke software, is created individually to answer your business goals.

Companies looking for the right software are moving into the mobile world. Taking into account the pace of modern life and business priorities are pioneering, becoming a cell phone is the main goal. Custom digital products is a great opportunity to outperform your competitors.

There are three main software categories now:

  • System Software manages hardware components and helps your computer run more efficiently
  • Development software - a set of tools for writing programs
  • Apps - Programs performing certain tasks, such as computer games, office suites, and database systems

Whether it's email applications and social networking, asset management and management, or data storage and analysis, it's a program that's unique to your employees and customers. With our service, you can avoid the bulky interface and the risk of buying shelfware, which you will not use because its features do not meet your needs. With our help, you get an important working tool.

What is COTS?

Commercial off-the-shelf software is a proposed program for public use. There is no need for custom development prior to installation, so you do not have to pay for it, but you pay based on a license that can be more costly in the long run. COTS is also less reliable than custom applications because it was developed in the least amount of time. Some off-the-shelf applications, such as open source systems, can be modified, in this case we can add some of the company's required features. But each time you upgrade the program should be reviewed, which brings additional costs and concerns.

The Advantages of Professional Custom Development

The software developed in a personalized way offers some benefits, giving you the opportunity to take your business to a new level. The developers design these processes to your unique needs. In addition, custom software integrates seamlessly into your existing IT tools across the organization. We provide a more flexible solution that you will never find in any alternative package. Even after you start, it can still be modified to reflect the changes of your company. Rely on our distribution to support and maintain your digital tools. When you come to our custom software development company, you control the development process and getting information of each step. Before we begin, the team will ask what you think of and how we provide expert advice based on the IT experience. Given these facts, we believe that our professional services offer significant commercial advantages over your competitors.

Business app

As one of the most advanced human beings, entrepreneurs quickly realized that software can significantly improve their business. There is even software called Enterprise applications (EA) designed to run in an enterprise environment. This complex, component-centric, work-centric, scalable, mission-critical platform can only be designed with the involvement of a professional and experienced developer like us. It consists of several programs and is designed for unparalleled business functions. When it comes to computer-based systems, EA has become crucial. It manages online payments, purchasing, computer billing, resource planning, content management, forms automation, and many other management processes. Ultimately, EA increases productivity and efficiency with enterprise-level support.

Small business app

There is a belief that custom software development are only suitable for large companies. But given the steady growth of the potential capabilities of the applications, it is not surprising that small businesses are not interested in their own app development. Custom development is an economic investment that usually returns within a year. As an example, features such as in-app payments or signatures can reduce the amount of time your employees spend completing orders and completing routine routines. It also gives you the opportunity to inform people around the world and find your clients among these people. Small business mobile applications have many benefits for their owners:

  • Information
  • Customer support and participation
  • Brand and recognition
  • Income

Business is not the only industry that can benefit from mobile applications. Based on recent Google research, the B2B industry is one of the largest buyers of custom software app development services. The many features of mobile applications offer unbelievable opportunities, limited to your imagination.

Custom app development services

The world is becoming more knowledgeable about information technology and software development services that are available in all business networks. The team has been designing applications since 2010, and our knowledge and experience in information technology has enabled us to design and customize customized services tailored to your business, such as gloves. With new technology, we'll help you automate each day, maximize and improve your customer experience. If you want to acquire and manage customer information in a special way. If it is not necessary to meet your needs, you can sign up for our business anytime. The main goal is to find what you need and provide the right solution for you.


Custom Web app

It is easier to use the web through top-notch web solutions. With sophisticated remote servers that provide real-time data and statistics for you, you can simplify complex calculations and time-consuming and time-consuming processes. Accelerate operations and help customers and employees deal with online business. Your website app is based on your ideas and thanks to our professional contribution, making it an easy to use and efficient tool. The design team has created a stunning interface layout that offers a perfect experience for your employees and clients. Whether you need a development of a private network, such as an intranet or an extranet, an operating system, a project management tool or anything you need, we can do it for you.

Custom mobile app

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are now one of the common ways to provide information and execute certain business processes. As the world becomes more fluid, new approaches need to be taken to keep up with the times. To meet your needs, we create native and multiplatform apps using all the benefits of the operating system we work with.

The iOS platform is considered to be the most stable and flawless. We design and build iPad and iPhone applications to fit your needs. We take full advantage of the iOS platform and follow all Apple standards to make the applications you need.

The number of Android users is growing rapidly as it is used on many devices. We've built your app for every device in the Android Market, based on all Google Guides, to make the design great on any screen.

We usually work on iOS and Android platforms, but we also create applications for Windows and Blackberry.


Techs we use

As a highly professional development group, we use a wide range of tools in the process of compiling applications. Our experience enables us to transform your business needs into powerful software tools that help you increase efficiency and productivity.The team consists of Java experts, PHP developers, HTML5 designers and ASP.NET application managers who can work on complex projects and web and mobile solutions that deliver high-quality and cost-effective savings. Developers use innovative technology to automate and accelerate business, reduce costs, and improve user experience. Our toolkit includes CSS, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash, ActionScript, and more.

How we work

We have a meticulous development process. With our experience, we started a step by step process. First, we need to understand the needs of our customers well, which is why we start the discussion, during which we identify the most important features of future applications. By clearly demonstrating your business goals in our minds, we created a minimalist product that is a wireframe of an already executed program and allows us to test its functionality. We use its UI / UX design to make the interface easy and beautiful. Each time you modify the test program you can help us eliminate all errors. As we move into the final stage, we implement the additional capabilities our customers require and conduct QA testing to deliver high-quality, powerful and attractive applications that meet the business needs of all customers and ensure the return on investment. After the product launches, we continue with app evaluation and comment analysis to learn how to update the app.

Profitable investment

The benefits of your appl are as follows:

  • Your program will work to improve your business performance and save you money in the long run
  • There may also be revenue and profits

It's hard to say that there is an app development price, because each project is unique and requires different methods and options. Customer requirements are transformed from simple applications to varied programs with a core functionality that enable your business to perform complex tasks. Prices range from $ 200,000 to the sum that only large companies can afford. The average price of our development case is around $ 30,000 to $ 40,000, which seems reasonable compared to other development companies. To learn more, just call us to let us know about your project and we'll help you calculate your costs.

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Let our team of IT professionals help you to create the right software for your specific problem. Whether you need to increase profitability, reach your target audience or manage your business more efficiently, we can help, by implementing the custom app development. Our experience helps us to create the high-quality, attractive and convenient applications and keeps your software up-to-date. We offer custom app development services that give you the advantages over your competitors.