Your App Design Company: Develop web and mobile applications for your company

Programmers, designers and extensive managers: our app design company is passionate about our work and happy to bring cutting-edge technology and graphic trends to the creation of your project.

What do we do?

We are a creative app design company. For more than five years, we have created custom mobile and web applications that help businesses grow. Our IT skills and experience are the keys to your success.

Our knowledge and skills range from writing web-based applications to creating custom applications on iOS, Android and other platforms.

  • Do you need to create a digital tool to manage your employees?
  • Are you looking for your company mobilization?
  • Maybe you get in touch with your customer through an elegant program?

Our app design company is always ready to help. Get more info.

Web design

We develop websites and web-based solutions. We know how to start with your own applications and create a friendly and modern web design.

We specialize in making apps: be it PHP, CSS, JS and HTML5, or any other programming language. We are software builders who are ready to integrate the existing WordPress admin panel with the new web design.

Our design company is ready to develop a site with this functionality, giving your employees fast and secure access to your internal database.

As you know, the exploration of cyberspace can play an important role in modern business because it allows:

  • Informative. Your website can describe your main activities, services, products, how to contact you and other information that may be useful to your customers. As a catalog or brochure online, it can be updated easily and quickly with the latest news and news on limited promotions, upcoming events and new offers.
  • Accessible. Throughout the year, your average and potential clients can get in touch with you every night to learn about you and your business. Is your client an early riser or a night? It does not matter when you have 24-day sales outlets.

In other words, your website is another place where your company can showcase your work, which can help you improve your customer service. It is available all year around the world and has all the information you want your customers to know. There are several articles about your activities there to answer your client's questions and they think you value them. There are so many opportunities to open such a useful tool for you.

Web-based app

But just one website today is not enough. It's good for consumers to do some research on your company, which is a good source of information, but you need to move forward to establish long-term relationships and interact with your customers. Our software company can help you get the best results in this direction. One of the services we offer is the creation of web applications that can be very useful for many companies. This is a web tool that you do not need to download and users of mobile devices and PCs can browse immediately, so you do not need to write applications in different languages ​​for each platform. A program written in HTML5 saves time and money. Regardless of the device that dominates the mobile space, it does not matter, and the web applications allow you to accept all those who use the Internet. Keep it easier and cheaper. Your updates are perfectly delivered on the web. To make it clear, one of the key features of a website is that it is not only a source of information, but also a tool that helps you or your customers deal with specific problems.

Responsive design

Our app design company can do for you responsive design. We pay many attention to details of your user interfaces because, as a professional IT company, we know how it’s important. The number of people who use a cell phone online is huge and if they browse your website on their smartphones, you should not spoil their first impression.

Let's explain in a couple of words what is reactive design.

In short, this means that the page layout will automatically adjust to the new screen size and resolution of your mobile device. Screen size and resolution range from small smartphones and mid-size tablets to large computer screens. However, by browsing the web on their phones and tablets, people expect it to be as simple as a PC. This is one of the most important reasons why your website or app work smoothly on any screen. Our company will help you achieve this goal.

Mobile app

In addition to web-based programs, we also create cross-platform, native mobile apps. Native design means writing applications to a specific programming language on a specific platform, such as iOS, Android, Windows, or other platforms. Building a high-quality product is a time-consuming and expensive process, but on the defensive side, we can say that it will certainly make up for and even make a profit. Cross-platform applications are working on multiple platforms and require additional coding for each platform and each device running the platform. This mobile development software is downloaded from the app store and is very powerful.

How to make a wise decision

The type of development you should choose depends on your needs, budget and perspectives. If you are ready to invest in both types of apps, you will benefit from that investment. In other cases, review your data first. In Google Analytics, you can learn about useful information about your site visitors, including which devices they use to find your information. If you see more than 30% of your visitors using mobile phones and tablets, the responsive design of your site is not enough and it's time to start thinking about developing mobile apps.


Build a business app

Mobile applications move your business before the game. Companies that have their own applications have certain benefits, and if you hire our app development company, we promise that you will:

  • It will be seen 24/7. On average, every European person spends about two hours a day on their smartphone. 86% of users use their mobile app. Build your own app and you increase the chances of your potential customers noticing and keeping them in touch with you.
  • Get new marketing channels. The capabilities of a mobile app are varied and you may implement a booking form, geolocation and search, messages and news, and more, as well as general information such as contact information, company descriptions and rates. All of these features are in the pocket of your customer. With push notifications about sales and promotions in limited time, you can talk to your customers almost in real time, remembering your products and services.
  • Strengthen the relationship with customers. If you show that you trust and you value them, your customers will remain loyal. To get good results in this area, you should fully analyze the needs of users and provide relevant answers to your questions. You are able to reward more loyal customers in your app. Replace an old dots collection card with an app, so you'll have more downloads and more customers will come back to you. Let them communicate with you through messages and see how many of them they like to call.
  • Be recognized and promote your brand. With 2 billion people using smartphones around the world, can you imagine what brand awareness can achieve? A mobile app is as stylish and informative as billboard signage. A well designed app is a tool that attracts your customers. The more they hear about you, the more they want to buy. In advertising, this rule is called "effective frequency." Put it in your pocket, it's inevitable.

Our app developers offer all these advantages of having your own mobile app, so you can make a big difference ahead of your competitors. Now, people often ignore all of these ads, but this forward-looking approach can help you establish real contact with customers and maintain a closer relationship with them.

Custom software

Custom software is a special program developed for your company. It is tailored to your needs and is designed to meet your company's automation needs in computing, reporting, database or analysis. The future development of this project is not limited. Depending on the changes in business needs, changes can be made to such a program as needed.

Advantages of custom app design

If you feel you need a tool to help you manage your data in some way, or a program that unifies all your employees and streamlines internal interactions and management processes, or if you need to be able to set up automated daily operations on the day-to-day life - our company is ready to help. We create flawless security software that increases the efficiency of your workforce and increases your productivity. It will be completely yours, you do not have to pay monthly, and you need to update or add new features at any time and we are ready.

Work with us to design your app!

Freelance developers are cheap and unpredictable many times so that designers may not execute projects in a timely and reasonable manner. Errors in mobile applications are the most serious problem with this solution. Another problem is that to get the job done faster, they use app authoring software to create the project. As a result, you'll receive standard design themes and limited functionality instead of custom orders.

If you work with our app development company, we promise:

  • The entire development process will be implemented according to the agreed term.
  • Our experienced business consultants will help you systematize the scope of the problem and create logical specifications for your project needs.
  • According to our working standards, we provide various design concepts for apps, create several UX prototypes.
  • You'll get a working solution - an MVP (minimal executable) - already in the middle of the project flow to make sure everything is done the way you want it.
  • If you hired us to develop your app, it will all be professionally done under iOS and the Android Developer License.
  • You will receive support and post-start consultation, which will help your employees effectively use the new app.

If you have questions about software development, our experts will be happy to answer. Our app design company is always working hard to achieve a successful results for each of the IT project. So lets start a conversation about your new app.